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21 сентября 2007 г.

ОАО “Красцветмет” запустит для ювелирных изделий завода новый бренд “Красберри”

ОАО “Красноярский завод цветных металлов" запустит новый бренд для своих ювелирных изделий, сообщил начальник отдела маркетинга завода Олег Огнев. Новая торговая марка получила название “Красберри"....
22 сентября 2007 г.

Зимбабве продолжаются аресты за незаконную торговлю алмазами

Как сообщает агентство France-Presse из Хараре, 17 полицейских офицеров, охранявших алмазный рудник в районе г.Чиадзва (Chiadzwa) в провинции Маникаленд на востоке страны, арестованы по обвинению в коррупции и торговле алмазами....
23 сентября 2007 г.

Everybody must get stoned

Anoothi Vishal on what to look out for while buying jewellery, and the availability of cheaper substitutes. The biggest trend in jewellery today is mix-and-match – with women buying stones, even precious ones set in gold, wearing a piece for a single occasion, at best a season, teaming it with a particular outfit and never repeating the pair again....

First Rapaport Diamond Auction Yields Disappointment

The first Rapaport Certified Diamond Auction ended in disappointment, with only 27 out of 210 lots sold. Rapaport`s announced goal was to generate a new type of price index that would enable the company to create a diamond futures market....

Sale of Thai Jewelry Drops

The Bangkok Post reports that domestic sales of jewelry in Thailand dropped by half and exports rose by only 10% in comparison to last year. According to the Jewelry Traders` Association, political tension in the country has kept tourists away, causing a 50% decline in the local sale of jewelry....

First Stage of Botswana Diamond Technology Park Nears Completion

The first stage of the Botswana Diamond Technology Park near Gaborone is nearing completion. The South African Diamond Corporation owns the first building....

De Beers Says Botswana Exploration Will Continue

De Beers said on Friday that it exploration program in Botswana will continue following an accident with its zeppelin airship yesterday. The accident happened at the exploration base set up in the vicinity of the Jwaneng diamond mine....

Tips on Buying Gemstones

Gemstones have been sought after and treasured throughout history. They have been found in ruins dating several thousand years....

8 Things You Didn't Know About Diamonds

Diamonds have been used in rings since the middle ages, and the first reference to a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring was in 1477. Because of the supernatural powers accredited to diamonds, they became more popular, and Italians said that a diamond maintained harmony between husband and wife....

Buying Jewellery For Women

Women love receiving gifts, especially jewellery. However, with the vast array of jewellery on offer, figuring out what to buy can seem a little daunting....

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