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How many customers are lost to bad service?

Retailers who don`t make good service a priority do so at their own peril, according to a recent study from MARC Research and National In-Store, which found that more than 16 percent of consumers would stop visiting a store completely after a bad experience. The study included shoppers at stores in eight categories total, including mass merchandisers and department stores....

Shop.org asks Senate to make permanent Internet tax moratorium

Shop.org, the digital division of the National Retail Federation, has asked members of the U....

What jewelry do women want this holiday?

Diamond right-hand rings and chocolate-colored pearls will be on many women`s holiday wish lists, according to a new survey by Jewelry.com....

Antwerp prepares for international diamond conference

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), previously known as the HRD, is putting the finishing touches on the Antwerp Diamond Conference, its first international diamond conference since 2004, which will be held Oct. 15-16....

Alrosa IPO Talk Premature

A pledge to privatize Alrosa in an initial public offering (IPO) within 18 months, reported to have come from Alrosa chief executive Sergei Vybornov this week in Japan, has run into scepticism and cautions from diamond sector officials in Moscow. According to a Russian news agency report, Vybornov told a Japanese investment conference in Osaka: "In the nearest future, I mean within a year or a year and a half, we are planning an IPO....

Roberto Coin Jewelry and Its Quick Rise to the Top

Roberto Coin designer jewelry arrived onto the international stage of luxury jewelry in 1977 and quickly established itself as a leader among the top jewelry brands, especially among other Italian brands such as Damiani and Di Modolo. An infant jewelry company among age old brands, such as Cartier and Piaget, the Roberto Coin Company was not distracted with attempting a meaningless game of catch up with these mature brands....

Today's Leading Designers and Their Premium Lines of Designer Jewelry

Sophisticated consumers are purchasing high quality jewelry like no generation has done before it. A strong middle class combined with a vibrant economy has pushed up demand as shoppers seek the right piece to add to their private collections....

Swarovski – Be Glamorous!

If you want to shine in style, then here is Swarovski that will add sparkle to your life. It is basically the brand name of a range of lead crystal glass pieces that are cut with high precision while giving them desired shapes and sizes....

График проведения ювелирных выставок в Санкт-Петербурге

Уважаемые представители ювелирного сообщества! Гильдия Ювелиров России и Ассамблея Ювелиров Санкт-Петербурга информирует вас о графике проведения ювелирных выставок в Санкт-Петербурге. Единственная специализированная выставка изделий ювелирной промышленности в Центральном выставочном зале “Манеж" (Исаакиевская пл....

Leviev Diamonds Sparkle in New York

Last week Lev Leviev brought a special sparkle to New York when he sponsored the Museum of the City of New York`s "New York after Dark" event. The city`s social leaders, including Debbie Bancroft, Whitney Fairchild and many others, wore more than 700 carats of Leviev diamonds valued at some $6 million....

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