Creative Color by Lulu Smith

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02 января 2008 г.

Creative Color by Lulu Smith

When I saw Lulu Smith`s beautiful sterling silver and resin jewelry, I had to pause…In a sea of beads, baubles and bright shiny things (to badly paraphrase a Frank Sinatra song), her matte finish, organically inspired jewels are a breath of fresh air. Lulu hand-pigments and hand-pours each element hand. Part painter, part metalsmith, and all around lover of color, Lulu is a true craftswoman…and it shows.

Lulu is based in Seattle – but all that rain doesn`t seem to dampen her love of vibrant color and bold shapes. Her newest collection, which includes the fun flower bracelet above, were created from drawings done after her daughter was born. She says: "I have put my focus back on line." This love of contours is surely apparent in the complex, almost mosaic-like pendants below:
Creative Color by Lulu Smith

While organic shapes take center stage in her jewelry, Lulu also takes a cue from nature itself. I love this cherry necklace, which has an almost Pop-Art feel to it!
Creative Color by Lulu Smith

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