Pretty Platinum APlenty

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02 января 2008 г.

Pretty Platinum APlenty

Recently I read an article in The Seattle Times which claimed that diamond jewelry is "an investor`s bad choice." Bah, I thought, so what! Diamonds set in platinum are for wear, not for shares, as in trading thereof. But truth is, although most jewelry is bought for emotional reasons, sometimes the expense makes one pause…especially when it`s a trendy piece. When the love is gone, the trend dies out, then what? All that money…what do you do but sell it on 47th st. for a fraction of its worth? Or give it away.

Well, the first thing, methinks, is to try out any diamond and platinum in a less costly, but just as beautiful form. And my new favorite company for beautiful, trendy platinum jewelry is Karat Platinum. Karat Platinum is a ground-breaking alloy that offers all the beauty and benefits of pure platinum (950 Platinum) at a lower cost. I could launch into all the chemical formulations for how its created, but I`m not exactly known as a scientist. So think of it as I do: simple as 14K gold vs. 18K gold. Still gold, still beautiful, just a little more accessible. In many cases, you can`t even tell the difference between KP and platinum. Really! (see pieces below for third-party proof).
Pretty Platinum APlenty

And if the beauty of the rings above isn`t enough to entice you, check out the super-sultry commercial Karat Platinum recently shot!

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